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Again we need to slow down...You HAVE consented!! You keep saying you didnt consent, BUT YOU DID!! (unless you have none of the instruments of every other American)

When you applied for your drivers license, when you used the social security number for a bank loan, when you used the social security number for work, when you signed up for selective service, when you use a zip code on your mail, when you apply for a fishing license, when you file a tax return, YOU CONSENTED.

NOW, simply saying that you don't consent is meaningless.

BUT you do have the opportunity to be released from any Contract that you were tricked into signing, or that you didn't sign (such as you Social Security application).

I understand your position of frustration with the "Illegitimate Violent Monopolies" but they have still left you with a remedy.

For example, with regard to commerce...lets say you dont believe you need a Contractors license, but EVERYONE in town does believe you need a Contractors license to work, then you can either not get a license and get no work, or apply for a license and reserve your rights:

    § 1-308. Performance or Acceptance Under Reservation of Rights.

    (a) A party that with explicit reservation of rights performs or promises performance or assents to performance in a manner demanded or offered by the other party does not thereby prejudice the rights reserved. Such words as "without prejudice," "under protest," or the like are sufficient.

    (b) Subsection (a) does not apply to an accord and satisfaction.

    Now you have a "license to contract", which of course the right to contract is fundamental, so you can get work, but you did not give up your rights in doing so. You only have the license "under protest".

    Start here.