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Hey I'm with you

Nothing would be more awesome than for this to get some love at the Academy or at least get some critical praise and a cult following. Much like my favorite film last year, "Scott Pilgrim vs the World", NO love from the academy but an amazing film, the vast majority of people who see it say "WHY DIDN'T ANYONE SEE THIS?!" (at least the ones I've talked to), so I won't let box office determine if it's a good movie (though if the ideology is well represented a big box office would obviously promote the free market).

What I'm saying is the trailer looks like trash, I've already had coworkers discussing it and making fun of it (I work in video production), and after watching it I understand why. I'm sure I'll see it, but when my friends ask if it was good I'll answer honestly, "No, it was awful, but that's not what the book was ever about, right? It's philosophic, so watch it with those glasses on." But they'll likely skip it, cuz it's a movie that they know is awful.

If a socialist tells me to watch his god-awful film that gives a great representation of his ideology, well, okay I'd probably watch it because I watch everything anyway (particularly when it brings in an opposing viewpoint), but most people want to enjoy the movie first, think about it second. lol
(IMO of course.)