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The problem with

Atlas Shrugged in today's world is that today's world is nothing like Rand's ideal world as portrayed in the book. How many great industrialists are left? Men and women who succeed but more importantly fail on their own? Few... If you look at the "looters" in today's society, you will find that these are the same people at the top of the corporate pyramid. They are no longer innovators (well ok Zuckerberg is, big deal) but for the most part corporate CEO's and corporations are tax consumers (feeders, consumers, looters), not participant's in a free market, that are valued by what they produce. This movie will be used by the right to promote more corporatism, not free market principles... It will be co-opted just like the Tea Party was. Personally, I would boycott it. You all read the book, as well you should have as it is a great book, but dont feed into the system, by spending your money on a film that will be nothing but used against the principles you think you are fighting for....

"Qui audet adipiscitur"