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I understand

My point, which I also expand upon below, has to do with this statement: My intention is to hasten the financial collapse that I do believe is inevitable.

But what if your belief is wrong? Or what if it is not wrong, but you're timing is wrong? What if we are really on the cusp of a new golden age instead?

History clearly shows that all fiat currencies eventually collapse, hence, the FRN dollar will do the same.

I have no disagreement with that. But timing is another thing altogether. I have books on my shelves from the 1970's which claim that the collapse of the dollar is just around the corner! That was 30 years ago. When gold was spiking to $850 in '79-80, everyone thought the end was nigh.

No one knows the final hour.

My main concern has to do with separating actions from consequences. One person's actions in either direction might have only negligible effects - either in promoting liberty or in hastening the collapse. So what I'm saying is that the decision to do one or the other should not be based on unpredictable consequences, but on the correctness of the actions themselves.