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Here's What I Do

about Righthaven. They are part of the company that owns the Las Vegas Review Journal. I will not read the Review Journal, I will not click any link on the web that takes me to their online edition. And if I become aware, through others, that someone is advertising in the RJ, I do my best to avoid using their services.

What they are doing is obscene. Some blogger who is not making any money from his or her site should ever be subjected to this kind of blackmail, and that's all it is. The newspaper model is dying, and to try to recoup some cash before the final death throes, is all this is.

And even if all you do is link to their website, which is what you're supposed to do when posting an excerpt of an article, they still sue you. That newspaper and every other one they are associated with needs to die. Nobody should buy their rags and everyone should let their advertisers know you will never shop with them if they choose to advertise in these rags.