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Perhaps someone should start contacting the companies who advertise in their papers and notify them of the papers' anti free speech blackmail practices.

In fact, let's get started right now. If you want to help, take 30 seconds to do the following:

1. go to www(dot)denverpost(dot)com (I don't want to post an actual URL, because that would allow them to track the traffic back here)

2. Turn off your adblock plugin if you have one

3. Go to the site of one of the advertisers you see on the site. (It would be best to re-type the advertisers' URL, so that Denver Post doesn't get paid for the click.)

4. Find the advertisers' contact info, and paste the following message to them. Feel free to edit the message as you see fit:


I am writing you in response to an advertisement your company has posted on the Denver Post or Las Vegas Review-Journal websites.

I think you may want to be aware of the malicious business practices of The Denver Post and The Las Vegas Review-Journal, and you may want to reconsider your decision to advertise with them, as doing so could, by association, easily tarnish the good name of your own business.

Several national news sources have reported that The Denver Post and the Las Vegas Review-Journal have partnered with Righthaven LLC to file copyright lawsuits against individuals who post or link to Denver Post or Las Vegas Review-Journal content online. These lawsuits appear to be malicious in their intent. Righthaven sues for seemingly excessive amounts relative to the potential actual damages suffered by these companies. Righthaven then offers the accused the chance to settle out of court for several thousand dollars. This is clearly a strategy intended to manipulate the accused web posters to pay off Righthaven, rather than incur the more prohibitive costs of defending themselves in court. Legal defense is especially prohibitive for many of the accused, as they are often simply individuals posting their thoughts about Denver Post articles on personal websites, blogs, or Facebook.

This activity by Righthaven LLC is well documented, so I encourage you to search online and review the various sites that cover these practices. Please consider contacting The Denver Post or The Las Vegas Review-Journal, and canceling your advertising subscription with them before your business becomes further associated with practices that clearly attack others' free and well intentioned speech.

Thank you for your consideration.

Freedom Wins!