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Does anyone have applicable laws for 3 other states MN, TN, & TX

I am denyed (by threat of imprisonment and by threat of loss of property) my right to travel, including but not limited to traveling to the doctors office, hospital, visit my elderly parents ages 90 and 86, working, anything that requires driving. I have an alleged outstanding ticket in Minnesota, and alleged unsatisfied tickets in Tennessee, so Texas refused to allow me to take a drivers license test, while Minnesota allowed me to take the test, took the money for a drivers license but refused to issue the license; Tennessee on the other hand destroyed a valid Texas license, preventing me from renewing the license. Thereafter Tennessee issued a drivers license number when no drivers license was sought, applied for, signed nor paid for. I have moved back to Texas in 2007(was working in the other states), and have gotten several tickets for driving on revoked or suspended license, aided by the state's refusal to allow me to take a drivers license test. One would think that Texas is deliberately acting without jurisdiction when they use another states alleged driving record to deprive the right to drive.
However, in as much as I need to prepare for the next ticket, I need as much help as I can get. In as much as all I can get is a public defenders, being disabled, and most people know public defenders are no more than agents of the state that would be prosecuting me. Accordingly I need to act pro se. I would appreciate any legal citations in these three states and the United States, (even legal briefs)both pro and con that anyone may have access to. I can also be e-mailed at
I am 64 years of age (be 65 this year), live by myself, and to poor to pay a fine. Accordingly, I am willing to go to jail, if necessary, to further this cause that truly is rooted in constitutional liberty. If anyone has Texas citations on driving and/or drivers license laws I would appreciate them being emailed to me (Please use "Daily Paul" in the subject box or I may not read it. I Thank you all, it is a joy to see people standing up to tyrany and government abuse.