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Comment: How about a focused effort

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How about a focused effort

on the advertisers of one of the papers from a smaller town so we can prove in a test run that we can have an impact?

We're the people behind the Money Bomb, remember?


--We select the paper strategically so that our efforts have the most direct impact. The paper should have a limited advertising base.

--A small paper, but not the smallest. We don't want to be seen as picking on the little guy, but we also need the paper's local businesses to be limited so we can prove the cause and effect of our efforts more clearly.

--Once the paper withdraws from Righthaven, we can go to other papers, one at a time, strategically, with our proven results.


We can be the people behind the Guided Missile, too.


--This all flops if every paper involved is so far into their death throes that legally extorting money from individuals has better returns for them than getting advertisers.

--The kind of paper with a limited advertising base likely cares about their reputation. That would seem good for our effort on the surface, but it may also mean there are no candidates for a directed effort among Righthaven participants.

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