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Ruth: Gov't Coercion (protects) Circumcision

Religion LOBBIES to have this authority
---Church Groups are Collectivist Organizations

How can you not see that the Church is NOT separate from the State -- They "seek" out Licesnure - Tax Exemption - and Political Might.

When you are a collectivist organization you are meeting requirements (by gov't) to maintain that status. Thus you are NOT a free-enterprise, smile.

Therefore the Gov't can DICTATE to you as it would a for-profit "privatized" corporatist organization.

BESIDES this is not a Federal (constitutional) issue, it is a local issue -- which is free-market thinking.

The Constitution does not ALLOW for direct intervention in Religion -- But our Gov't and our Churches CIRCUMVENTED that recommendation.

The Constitution is a Federal Document that the Founders were not pleased with -- it was the best they could agree upon in such short and drunken time-table.

When they went home from the convention they went back to their Christian justified slavery and reservationism (force relocation).

Ron Paul would argue that "religion" should be decided at the local level not the Federal -- including "marriage" which he argues all the time.