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Ruth: The Constitution protects religion

ONLY in so far that religion does not impede on an individuals rights to Life - Liberty - Pursuit of Happiness.

Amputation violates "liberty" or self-ownership of ones entire body, it violates the pursuit of happiness as all torture and forced-medical procedures do.

From an Austrian Economics perspective (Ron Paul) circumcision violates the non-violent axiom.

Besides -- The separation of Church and State only exists for organizations that are not licensed / regulated by(or seeking welfare from) the U.S Gov't.

Churches do not operate in a free-enterprise; they are a collectivist organization and as such come under the control of Gov't. Which is why churches cannot end abortion (aside from focusing on the wrong issue and being un-willing to innovate; why would they on the latter collectivist beg gov't they do not innovate).

Remember I'm not against God or Christ -- I'm not against temporary unions based on free-market voluntarism either.