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Ruth: The Constitution is "clear"

on the rights of the individual to persue Life - Liberty - and the Pursuit of Happiness.

You are right in your quote; however, the Gov't IS regulating the free-practice of every religion by forcing Licensure -- Let me tell you there are super-religions who LOBBIED to have this economic-rent put in place.

Regulation and Licensure benefit the Super Corporations within each industry or some large unionized force of voters.

A Religion is wedded to gov't -- They are a huge lobby. They are Corporatists and as such have an cubist view of the constitution.

Let me ask you this question: Do you agree that if someone is certified under your system (say coaching) that YOU (being that your name is on it) will retain the authority on who is certified, how much they pay, and what violations lead to expulsion?

The answer is OF COURSE -- because they "lobbied" you for support -- they "bought into" your schema and thus they are partially beholden to you because although you sold them your program you did not sell them your branding -- so they represent you.

So the Church (lobbied) -- they unionized and (bought into) the Gov't schema -- and thus abdicating free-enterprise are now "beholden" and their Constitutional amendent is forfeited.

If you are a welfare mother (on the doll) does it seem prudent that the gov't control the plan to getting you off, wouldn't expect that of a gov't?

Religion is the "welfare mother" to the Political Class
---They are vote poolers
---They are Lobbiests

This is all very obvious.

The Constitution was written to "work" in free-markets, the notion of which evaporated before the ink dried as you cannot have a free-market and Gov't Subsidized Transatlantic Slavery and Reservationism.