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Questions for OctoBox

How is passing laws forbidding circumcision in all boys under eighteen consistent with the separation of church and state? Such a law stands to change the way Judaism is practiced through governmental force.

If there's an intellectual debate on this within the Jewish community, how is the government promoting the pro-circumcision side? There are no circumcision requirements to attend public school, or join the military. Child protective services don't go after parents who don't circumcise.

The decision to circumcise or not is currently being left up completely to the parents. If they're bowing to pressure within their religious community to circumcise, how is that the government's fault? Because the government licenses synagogues and mohels? That doesn't give gramma and grampa more authority to pressure mom and dad into circumcising little grandboy if it's still perfectly legal for mom and dad to say, "no."

BTW, it was not the fundamentalist Christians who got Bush elected. That was just the cover story. Diebold got Bush elected.