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Ruth: These are easy questions to answer

#1 There has never been separation of Church and State (before the Constitution was dry it's tenents were circumvented: Slavery continued, Naval-backed Transatlantic Slavery Continued, Treaties were Signed and Broken, Forced Indian-Relocation, and only Wealthy WASP men could vote.
---Big Church (like Big Union or Big Corp) are groupists who seek economic-rents, licensure, lobbying (bribery), and special Tax-status. This makes them beholden to Gov't.
---The Gov't has the DUTY to protect all Americans (even if the Constitution does not force them too) and American Babies are American's. No Baby wants to be amputated.
---The Gov't authorizes Big Church to mutilate; this goes against (Life, Liberty, Happiness pursuit), in the same way we do not like direct gov't force (immunization) we should not tolerate the privatization of amputation

#2 There are "debates" not absolute opinion. Big Church gets a good tything for performing these ceremonies -- there is equity value in it. Especially in the more Orthodox communities that put pressure on members to participate.
---Gov't supports it by Licensing Big Church or AMA Medical Doctors to perform it. I never argued that it had anything to do with Big School (public education).
---CPS would go after parents who slap their children or kissed their genitals -- But Gov't Licenses amputation of God-Given body parts based on 9th Century intperpritations of adopted Pagan and Sumarian mythical philosphies.

#3 Prove your cover story commentary. I have heard and listened to Big Church (especially Evangelicals) argue the devilry of every candidate running against Bush -- so maybe it's "favor" via demonic opposition. Hahahahahaha. This was not subtle by-the-by.

#4 Big Church (as I said) is given the authority by Big Gov't (to whom they lobby and rent-seek) to mutilate babies -- to perform un-necessary medical procedures. The latter being the exact language 99% of the religious community argues against abortion.
---Abortion is Full-Body Amputation
---Circumcision is Partial-Body Amputation

The Gov't is precisely responsible for creating laws that protect LIFE and LIMB of all American Individuals.
---This is the Individualist Non-Aggression Axiom.

None of this means I'm any less spiritual -- I'm a fiery individualist.

Role of Gov't: 1) Protect Life, Liberty and Limb of American Individuals (forced amputation falls in this category), 2) Naval Oversite (protect our waters, harbors, coast), and 3) Print Money for Free (no interest charges).

Those are the major roles of Gov't according to the Constitution -- No Tangling Aliances (non-foreign intervention) etc etc etc.

I hope this is clearer.

If you are a Groupist - Welfarist - Corporatist you are not a "free-enterprise" entity and your status can be revoked, you do not fall under "life - liberty - happiness" as you've abdicated your right to self-rule (as an organization). As a secondary argument.

Gov't can create laws against un-constitutional organizations -- Jesus if this were not the case we'd never be able to get rid of the Fed.