Comment: RP will NOT win if he tries

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RP will NOT win if he tries

RP will NOT win if he tries to persuade Democrats to vote for him. This strategy has failed many many times before. John Dennis in San Francisco. Just look at the vote count.

The anti-war message is only a fraction of his overall message. Democrats may like that but they take one look at everything else and they are out.

Guess who votes in Republican Primaries? REPUBLICANS! And they will be coming out in droves in 2012. RP has more in common with the biggest pro-war hawk than any democrat out there.

If we are trying to get democrats to vote for RP, we have some serious issues.

Find likely voting Republicans. Go door to door, hand out fliers, volunteer for the campaign, donate money, and get your family and friends to vote. Let's be for real about this.