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Here is mine. We'll see if they post it

Revolt is horrific!

Written by a man who wraps himself in a conservative cloak while along preaching a liberal philosophy. Revolt is a far cry from being 'A Patriots Guide'. This book attempts to portray a conservative mantra while along preaching a liberal way of life.

Do you realize that Dick Morris wants to drug test virtually every single person in the United States? Ever gone to school? Drug test. Ever taken a loan? Drug Test. Ever played a sport? Drug test. And who exactly would pay for this multi-billion dollar testing, enforcement and penalties program? The Government. Nothing more reeks of Liberalism than any word that is uttered by 'Bill Clintons ex-righthand man' Dick Morris. --

Exactly how can a bleeding heart Democrat write a book about Patriotism a short 10 years after completely disavowing their patriotic responsibilities? And then to claim that all persons should be drug tested -- thus causing billions in added spending for the Government; not to mention a further expanding of the Police State. This mans hypocrisy is so great, that there is no other rational explanation other than to realize he is either a political hack sent in to disrupt or that he is a greedy money sucking piece of scum who will attempt to write anything if there is a chance that unsuspecting fools will fork over the few hard earned dollars for his completely fabricated garbage.

This piece of garbage that Dick Morris calls a book is not worth your hard earned cash.

If you really want to read a book regarding Patriotism, I would recommend you reading Ron Paul's book:

'End the Fed' :
'Revolution: A Manifesto' :

Both are great books written by a true patriot who has spent a life time defending those principals as opposed to this horrific Dick who obviously wouldn't know Patriotism even if it came up and smacked him straight in the face.

Revolt? Yeah. Revolt and don't buy this horrific manuscript that would only be good enough for me to pick up the cat poop from the floor. I can't believe they killed trees for this garbage.