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I agree. Some people can be

I agree. Some people can be honest enough to see that Obama and most Dems are just as bad as most of the gop and Bush. I've been talking with several antiwar Dems over the years who still say that RP is a racist extremist who wants to take away their gov benefits. But, I say: "are you against the wars?" They say: yes. I say: "you know his priorities are to stop the wars and spend that money to prop up the social programs until things can be corrected." They say: he's a racist. I say "why do you think that?" They say something like: "Because he's a republican and all republicans are racists war mongers. I'll never vote for a republican." The local leader of our antiwar protests still supports Obama. I talk with him a couple of times a year about Ron Paul and he still thinks that Obama is the cat's meow who is a light in the darkness of DC.