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Ruth: If there were ONLY

12 practices denied per religion and there are 100's of religions then that would be 1000's right there.

Hinduism and Yoga Sutras alone I could name 100 practices not allowed here in the states. Especially Yoga.

Well we do not allow American children to enter into monastic societies here (on U.S soil), hahaha. That covers 3 or 4 major religions and bars 100's of practices right there alone, smile. We used to allow it though -- back in the 30's and 40's. As young as 13 or 14 years of age, in Hindu based Yoga societies -- as nuns.

Ruth we know that one sip of alcohol does not impare minors plus most religions do not give actual alcohol during services, at least not to minors.

My argument is against amputation of healthy tissue -- it is a barbaric practice.

In fact my argument has little to do with circumcission but rather a proper understanding of what liberty means.

Christianity says "thou shall not kill" -- So, why can't Christians against the death penalty get death-row inmates who convert to their religion put into life-without-parole? Because the State Law supercedes the religious comandment.

You are pro-choice (death is okay if chosen by consenting individual) -- "thou shall not kill" -- Full-body Amputation

You are pro-circumcision-choice -- Partial-body Amputation

I said that it doesn't matter how long a religion has been around, that's not your argument nor is that written in the Constitution. I could create a religion today and create an earlobe amputation or piercing / tattoo ritual and claim "God" said it was the new convenant.

According to you that amputation is admissable (separation of Church and State) and the member body of said church could perform it on it's member children -- right?

What about the Muslim practice I showed the video of -- That's a Shiite ritual; why is it not allowed in the United States?

Will you admit that the Constitution does not "back" Convenants but rather religious practices -- As the Founders nor the Gov't are qualified to determine whether a convenant is made by God or writ by men? If so, then why don't we allow (ALL) religious practices including the Muslim one?

How do we determine the difference between Cultural practices from Religious -- who gives "allowance" / "regulation" -- who decides (what groupist organization with monopoly power)?