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don't just talk......RUN....for delegate of course......

But run for precinct chair.
The gop....dems....even the lp has a structure set up.
Ron Paul is what ya gonna do? I know some hate the GOP....... But ask yourself...why is ron paul gop? If he were libertarian he likely would not even be a congressman.
Find out who your precinct chair is. LIkely you will want to run against him/her in the gop primary as very few republicans even understand what sound money is. Bring your possee to the precinct convention. Be freindly with tea party types as they will likely listen to you. Neocons will not.
Also, consider buddying up to your precint chair and tell him/her "can I have a try?". They may let you takeover without a bullet being fired. If they say NO...then tell them "good luck because I'm gonna run and my grandpa has 5k he is going to give me to campaign with"
EVen if you will gain respect and bring your dedicated supporters to the precinct convention and kick some a$$.

We print the money.