Comment: Ultimate Conspiracy Theory

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Ultimate Conspiracy Theory

You're basically saying everything is a conspiracy. Well, your getting carried away. Neither Beck nor Alex are puppets of anyone. Where's the evidence either one doesn't believe what he says? Just claiming they don't isn't proof. While I can't agree with everything either one says your claims don't make much sense.

Alex does good research at times, but also does significant damage misleading people. It doesn't mean he's a puppet of the NWO, whoever that is? His mistakes are his own beliefs, which don't entirely synch with libertarianism.

As for Beck, he does make some contributions to liberty, but much of the time he gets wrapped up chasing down commies in the Obama Administration or supporting neoconism.

Just look at the bright side, the Judge is filling in for Beck this week. Some people here get so wrapped up in their own hatred of Beck of whoever, they can't see the light anymore. "WE" got the Judge and Stossel on Fox, so the Fox haters here can turn it down a notch, okay? Those evil neocons at Fox got two of our own on TV.

Funny how CNN, NBC and the others don't have any libertarians on at all. So, why don't all you attack dogs here relax for a minute and lay off Fox, the Kochs and Israel. Ron Paul doesn't attack anyone in the manner some do here.