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Debates Main article:

Main article: Republican Party (United States) presidential debates, 2012

The following debates have been scheduled so far:[8][9]

* May 2, 2011 – A national debate, hosted by the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and NBC.
* May 5, 2011 – A South Carolina debate, hosted by the South Carolina Republican Party.
* June 7, 2011 – A New Hampshire debate, hosted by CNN, WMUR-TV and the New Hampshire Union Leader.
* August 11, 2011 – An Iowa debate, hosted by the Iowa Republican Party and FOX News.

[edit] Primary and caucus dates

* January 31, 2012 - Florida [10]
* February 1 – March 5, 2012: Early states (Iowa caucuses, New Hampshire primary, Nevada caucuses, South Carolina primary)[11]
o February 6 – Confirmed date of the Iowa caucuses[12]
o February 14 – Expected date of New Hampshire primary
o February 18 – Confirmed date of the Nevada caucuses
* March 6–31, 2012: Primaries (and other contests) that provide for proportional allocation of delegates to the candidates, and all nonbinding caucuses;
* April 1, 2012 onward: All other contests.