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Qualities of Name.

The most important thing about any being/individual/person is the name. Name has certain qualities, is customary.
Listed here are some we know, name is that:-

1.- Voice Sound, by which to call, mention or remember.

2.- Written Word, can be transliteration, must carry the same sound. Not translated/changed/altered/substituted while mentioning in another language of script.

3.- Vital Sign, of, for, or related to the individual.
As mentioned in the ID-Card, ticket, passport, visa, title documents, records, in lineage, inheritance, etc.

Consider Honor, respect & custom, = those who were before give/call name to those that came later, i.e. father/parents give name to child, so a child does Not give (proper)names to parents, but can call mama/papa.

"ADAM", is a fine example. It has Not changed with time,
tongue/language, religion/sect, station/location, alive or dead, is uni'versal.

Christianity relates to the word -"Christ", a mistranslation of the aramaic/hebrew/arabic word "Maseeh".
This is a title-word attributed to the son of Mary'um.
As for his name-word, there is controversy there too, you may need another thread/page for that topic/subject. Surely we all know that it was Not "Jesus", but is repeated.

There are many references in Scriptures that Name must be honored, respected, and holy ones be revered.