Comment: Hey Legalize How Come Jon Or Michael Nystrom Won't Help You?

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Hey Legalize How Come Jon Or Michael Nystrom Won't Help You?

with finding this post that prove you right? Answer because you have been hung out to dry on this one and they cannot touch it because it doesn't exist.And they all are a big disappointment to me for not standing up to your bullshit...

If they have looked into this they know it's not there because I sent you the entire post fresh from the archived unpublished post.

Note to Michael and all the other moderators I am never dropping this,ever until someone steps up and straightens this guy out.
What you are letting Tomasz get away with is wrong.I am not going to let him get away with making untrue allegations towards me.

Where is any of your sense of right? Michael if someone called you a neo-nazi without any foundation how would you feel? Or how about you Jon? Sunny? BigMikeDude? Anyone?

Shame on all of this point you all do what you feel but there is one mod there that knows the truth and some DP members. By your silence you are furthering and reinforcing this behavior...mollycoddling if you will creating a bigger monster on the board. Thomas