Comment: Tom-M, re "Massiah".

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Tom-M, re "Massiah".

thank you for your attention and response. You refer to the "meaning", I agree, no argument there. Maseeh is a title-word and it can be translated. I wish and desire for the original in this important matter, because a transliteration settles the important issue in his life-time, i.e. was he the Maseeh?
So, if you accept him as one, and you evidently do, then it is better & beneficial if you refer to him with his original title, i.e. Maseeh/Messiah/Massiah,-(single 's' is closure to the original, aramaic), a reference without dif'ference. Hope this clarifies my view/intent.

Your article is very enlightening, it reminds/revives the noble teachings, respecting liberty, specially ="no coercion".

Now, a request, subject to two ifs: if you understand, agree/accept, then the second if - is it possible to edit/revise the title of your article accordingly. ? ?