Comment: Iowa Forum - How to Establish the Real Story

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Iowa Forum - How to Establish the Real Story

Pay close attention here. Iowans for Tax Relief's (ITR) Ed Failor told WHO radio's Jan Mickelson that ITR had to draw the line and invite only "credible" candidates. In today's Des Moines Register, Failor clarified that Dr. Paul had too little staff in IA (2 full time) and ranked too low in IA polls.

We need some information in order to evaluate the truthfulness of this statement:

1. How many full time staff did Duncan Hunter have on or about June 19th when ITR substituted him for Jimmy Gilmore?

2. What rankings in IA polls did Hunter and Dr. Paul have on that date?

3. What about the other second tier candidates' poll rankings and staff when they were invited?

4. On what date(s) were invitations sent to candidates? 4b. Same date for Hunter? Note: Tancredo and Thompson declared their candidacies on April 2nd and Gilmore on April 26th.

5. Was Fred Thompson invited?

6. What are the most current IA poll rankings for all 2nd tier candidates (I know that you won't like that term)?

Okay, without specifying a date, Failor told Mickelson that invitations went out in April. Therefore, the Iowa poll results that we need -- all available IA polls -- are from April through June 19th.

Might as well include the most current IA polls too.

GET THE INFO! Put it in an Excel spreadsheet. This is the only way to unequivocally prove whether Failor was lying.