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Comment: Thanks DC For Not Telling US Exactly Where The Radiation Is...

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Thanks DC For Not Telling US Exactly Where The Radiation Is...

The can pinpoint radiation of any sort,anywhere,anytime...all done with your tax dollars. You think those maggots in Washington are going to do this?

"Along with the rest of the planet, Washington’s looking at the risk of a potential catastrophe. At least when it comes to finding the fuel rods from reactor 1, Washington possesses some unique assets. One asset – the secretive National Reconassiance Office – runs the spy satellites remote sensing devices that enable US national security to spy on planet Earth. The NRO’s slightly less secretive cousin over at the the Pentagon is the Defense Intelligence Agency. The DIA, in turn, controls MASINT “measures and signatures technologies”.

What is MASINT? FDL’s recent guest Tim Shorrock answered that question a few years ago for CorpWatch:

MASINT is a highly classified form of intelligence that uses infrared sensors and other technologies to “sniff” the atmosphere for certain chemicals and electro-magnetic activity and “see” beneath bridges and forest canopies. Using its tools, analysts can detect signs that a nuclear power plant is producing plutonium, determine from truck exhaust what types of vehicles are in a convoy, and detect people and weapons hidden from the view of satellites or photo reconnaissance aircraft."

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