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Comment: You should now file a claim

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You should now file a claim

You should now file a claim against Righthaven. By doing this, you put the heat back on them. You are entitled to at least;
i. Emotional Distress;
ii. Psychological Damage;
iii. Humiliation;
iv. Legal fees;

Nothing against attorneys necessarily, but they TOO OFTEN want to settle, this is because they see through dollars and cents, and in a case that isnt going to get them a new car, they would rather settle. Scum companies like righthaven THRIVE on this fact, as well as many lawyers that file erroneous claims as part of their business.

You should file suit to the maximum extent possible. A few friends of mine that are successful in the litigation realm always say "Start at 5 million", if you start any lower, they wont take you seriously.

good luck, and congrats...and thanks for fighting.