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Comment: were are all the anti war dems at now

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were are all the anti war dems at now

All the dem sites seem to have been taken over by the neo-cons tonight. They are loving their Obama war. Don't they realize there are innocent people dieing when these bombs hit. Thes are huge bombs they don't discriminate. Everything we blow up we have to rebuild. Remember! I guess to pay for this we should take away unions right to collective bargan in every state. Lets send those union dues in to the pentagon. Come on now! We must pay for this Obombo war. The prime minister of England even said this war was legal because the UN authorized it. Can you believe this crap. So does the UN trump the British law now. Does the UN trump the US Constitution now. After all the crap the Dem's gave King George. I don't want to hear another Dem say they are anti-war. Hopocrits they are! Progressives are war mongers just like bush. If they cant get you to do what they say they will get the government to kill you. And they say they are for social justice. Is this what they mean are they being socialy just! Killing these people when they pose no threat to our nation. So this UN that they want to be over every nations laws is it beineg socialy just bombing people over one bad retard leader. Blahhhhhh Progressives! Feel puke in my mouth! neo-cons and progressives vipers and snakes!