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Comment: Lunatics

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This quote on the front of Drudge:

MARCH 19, 2011
OBAMA: 'Today we are part of a broad coalition. We are answering the calls of a threatened people. And we are acting in the interests of the United States and the world'...

MARCH 19, 2003
BUSH: 'American and coalition forces are in the early stages of military operations to disarm Iraq, to free its people and to defend the world from grave danger'...

Combined with recent news of the 'supermoon' on March 19th got me curious enough to discover that:

March 18, 2003 was a full moon:

Coincidence? Or is there more to this place than meets the eye?

My hunch is on the latter. Humans are not as rational as they claim to be, especially not in mobs, when the moon can drive men to madness.