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Comment: "Dawn" - The Dark Light Of Satan..Sun Of The Morning

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"Dawn" - The Dark Light Of Satan..Sun Of The Morning

Odyssey Dawn - The Dawning of a new day : The day belongs to him. The Reference is to lucifer, before the fall; The Illuminated One, sun of the morning star: venus is the morning star, can be seen before sunlight. ("DAWN")

Odyssey Dawn : Some kind of code only known by the inner circle of the Illuminati..The "Illuminati"(The Illuminated ones) was Organized by a one Adam Weishaupt. The Illuminati first met in Bavaria, Germany in 1776, the same year our Declaration of Independence was written. Made up of business men, men of academia, members of mason lodges and men of the collar (religious leaders)

Our American educational system was changed sometime after the 1830s and replaced by this Bavarian System known as "Public Education."

George Washington was very concerned about the infiltration of these unseen forces and wrote about it them in 1796. They eventually took over by infiltrating the American Masonic Lodges.