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that could be on DP. This should be posted at the top of the page until Ron Paul wins the nomination. The popular vote is important but means notyhing compaired to becoming delegates and precint charman. I set behind the main guy in my district who got Reagan voted in. He was impressed by the Ron Paul people showing up in mass to the state convention. It just so happens I had built his house for him. He truned around to me and he told me we would lose even though we had alot of people there. He told me they had the same problem when they started. He told me the secret is to take over the precinct chairman spots and most important to take over all chairman positions all the way to state chairman (the most important). I dont know when they vote for the state chairman spots in each state but if you truely want to take over the Rep party and win this is a must. Everyone needs to learn roberts rules of order and all large cities in each state need to find someone who knows roberts rules of order good enough to be voted in as chairman at the precinct district and state caucas. If you get enough people to put forward a list of delegates and you have the numbers your whole list win the delegate positions if you do this you need to use your power to vote in your own guy to run the caucas. They will cry because the poloticians whant to be able to go to the national conventions and they will say it will lok bad on them if they dont go. DO N
OT FALL FOR THIS THEY LIE. stick the knife in deep and dont give one delegate position to them. We did this cause we felt bad for them when we got to our district where you get three positions at the convention they stabed the knife deep in our backs and laughed. When we got to our state convention after all the rural locations sent all there delegates we did very bad in small towns (they all are fox news drones) we ended up losing by less than we had given away. We lost by like 40 people and alot of or delegates didnt show up because they had been contested so they thought why make the expencive trip if they wont let us vote. we also would have won if those people would have shown up. We made some mistakes but if we would have played hard ball and not let up Ron Paul would have won a state that in popular vote mc-stain won by a huge margin. in this state the delegates are bond to vote for who wins the state popular vote but they cannot force you to vote for their guy at the national convention this is what our founding fathers set up if the caucas is that diffrent than the popular vote it shows voter fraud. The neocons are very tricky. They will change locations and times on events and caucases and only let the regulers who have been there for years know where and when they are you will have to be vigilant keeping up with them. If you are going to get involved the sooner the better but trust me anyone who joins right now will be suspect and it will be hard to get on their delegate list. You have to outnumber them and actually take the whole thing over and get your own list elected and helps to take the chair. To move up any other way takes years of being water boy for them and proving your loyalty to the party. Also it helps if you have enough people to amount to over 2/3 caucase if you have 2/3 you can actually over turn anything they do and change the rules to suite your needs 2/3 can overturn anything. Hope that helps That is what I learned from my first go around with the delegate process if I have said anything that isnt right please correct it. You really cant claim to be an American until you've suffered the process its an eye opener fopr sure. This post is not spell checked cause Im in a hurry so sorry so sloppy.