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Comment: Good for Libya

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Good for Libya

If I was a Libyan I´d be glad to have the US, France, the UK etc. on my side attacking evil government forces and helping ousting the dictator.
I`m from the small country of Finland and we were attacked by the Soviets in 1939 but we didn´t get any help from anyone except Sweden including a small number of volunteers from several foreign nations. As a result 10% of the area had to be ceded to the Soviet and 400.000 people resettled. In 1918 on the other hand we experienced a civil war between communists and anti-communists. Back then we were lucky to have Germany on our side. They sent 10.000 soldiers and helped the anti communists take the capital. Good for us, otherwhise Finland might have become a communist nation and still today probably one of the poorest nations in Europe.