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Comment: "a cool new feature?" or Internal Friction

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"a cool new feature?" or Internal Friction

At first I liked the voting feature because it seemed like "a cool new feature," but after taking it for a drive, I'm not so sure it's beneficial anymore. It seems to be causing internal struggles among Daily Paul members, and added friction, where before we would would read and discuss things, because that was the only option.

It's also very open to gaming (deception), i.e. create 10 accounts and vote away, or have friends vote your comments up just because you are friends rather than the merits of the comment. It is also causing misunderstanding, and may even result in less participation and thinking, because people may merely vote up a comment, whereas before they would have to think more before writing, if they actually participated.

The only real benefit I see overall, is being able to get a general view of what is news worthy. But as mentioned previously, that view may be distorted.

It essentially turns Daily Paul into a mini Digg, and Digg sucks at providing good news. The only thing Digg is generally good for is viewing what caught the immediate attention of the lowest common denominator.