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Comment: Rudy actually helped SAVE this country!

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Rudy actually helped SAVE this country!

Imagine if he'd kept his mouth shut at that moment! Imagine if he hadn't blurted out, rudely, and in an attempt to grandstand and denigrate for the shock value! Only to get schooled and allow Dr. Paul to elaborate (never acknowledging Rudy's irrelevant, inaccurate outburst) and further educating, clearly-defining his opinions based on FACTS! Giuliani literally helped start one of the brush-fires of Freedom, albeit completely inadvertently! Dr. Paul never stooped to their level of name-calling, and drawing-out aggressively. Every time they tried to marginalize him, his popularity grew. And, more than his popularity; the MESSAGE got stronger!

Rudy, thank you, sir! Thanks to your failed attempt to show-boat, you helped the snowball to roll! It rolls even today, bigger than ever! You're really a sage, sir! How could have known that little push would go so far? I thank you so much! Seeing that live gave me such motivation to volunteer (the very next day) for the next 18 months, never missing a day! You deserve a free Bosley Hair Treatment consultation!