Comment: "When it is dark, you can see the stars." - Beard

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"When it is dark, you can see the stars." - Beard

thank you so much for your feedback!
yes, maybe there are other ron paul people here-- i actually live in Athens, GA, not Macon-- i just thought that is where the state chairman election was... ohhh me. although you could consider me a "townie" i still am new to the area- so i will keep looking. i must say, the political
arena has been a challenge for this lady who most of her adult life has admittedly lived as close to Kerouac's as she possible could.. i often get lost in dreams and sometimes have a hard time facing reality .. quite honestly i have no problem with doing without for the sake of the whole-- if it works, but it doesn't. so i need to wake up
and listen and learn and just maybe i can help.