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Comment: I called Sen. Ben Nelson's Office in DC

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I called Sen. Ben Nelson's Office in DC

to express my concerns with the action in Libya.
And the concerns about the 2,200 Marines being sent to Libya.
OMG...the aide that answered the phone barely let me
get out of my mouth my concerns and started bomb barding me
with why it was the thing to do. Every time I attempted to explain what my concerns where he cut me off again.
He tried to say we where just enforcing a no fly zone and not bombing any parts of Libya. I asked him then who was ?
He mentioned France...I was like
And what about the missiles being fired off our ships ?
His reply: yes, but they are not technically bombs
and we are just disabling their military installations.
I guess the palace is considered a military installation.
It went back and forth getting into the war powers act
and why Obama was correct in his actions.

It was weird because all the years of calling any representative's office in DC and I have been doing it for over 20 years I have never had a response like this where they wouldn't even listen to my concerns. Usually it is always thank you for calling and I will pass on your concerns or they may explain the stance of the senator or representative. But this guy was defensive and on the attack. They must be getting allot of calls.