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Take The Message To Ron Paul

We have to start really taking the message to Ron Paul, that he must run in 2012 because our Country is in trouble, and there is no other person in the Presidential field who will alter our course.

The Country is ready to hear the Ron Paul message now, and he must run now, as there is no other substitute.

No one has his encyclopedia-like knowledge of all the CIA activities, the CFR, the history of Central Banking, our disgraceful U.S. Foreign Policy (over the course of 150 years), and can make the argument so powerfully about the foolishness our our Militarism, World Empire policies, and Monetary policies anywhere near as well as Ron Paul. He's the guy.

And it is not enough just to have some other "Libertarian" run here. The chances of winning would be slim to none.

Ron Paul is much more than just that. He is an educator, who enlightened masses of people back in 2007-2008 (including liberals, progressives, independents, etc.). The GOP managed somehow to suppress his "official" election result counts -- but he won nearly every GOP Straw Poll, and he won all the TV Debates. This demonstrates the huge potential that awaits Ron Paul, and he must not sit by on the sidelines.

He's the only guy who can stand there next to 5 people spouting off Neocon red meat while the Media fawns over them -- and shoot them all down.

No one else even comes close.

I don't know why Ron Paul isn't already out there setting up Campaign Headquarters all across Iowa and New Hampshire. This is his moment, and people already donated $700,000 dollars (and had he formally announced, that number would have been twice, or even three times that high).

Ron Paul can't sit on the sidelines. His powerless subcommitee chairmanship won't change a damn thing -- but his winning New Hampshire will electrify the Country, and create a whole new wave of support that will carry him to the White House, and bring about a dramatic makeover of our Government.

Ron Paul has to run, and there is no equivalent substitute.