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Correct There is No Congress

Congress can't impeach the President because Americans haven't elected a Congress since 1860.

The feudal election for U.S. Government is held on a different day than the election for Congress.

Nobody shows up on election day every spring to elect a United States Congress so U.S. Government (the Washington D.C. Municipal corporation) just keeps occupying The Capitol building.

Of course there is no Republic President either, just The Local Washington D.C. Municipal Corporation has a President. Technically Obama is The Mayor of D.C. That's why The White House has a federal corporation address different from The Postal Location for the Republic's Executive Mansion. Obama is the occupant of The Oval office, not the actual President. Why do you think the berth certificate doesn't matter, U.S. Government is a foreign Corporation Registered in City of London in 1871. Good heavens the queens desk is in The Oval office, can it be anymore obvious?

Wakey, wakey sleepy heads. There is no Lawful government in America, just English Bankster pirates. And people wonder why they act like Pirates? They are pirates! Even says so in title 28 U.S.Code (pirate code).

The Oracle