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All Roads Lead Out of Rome

Ok, so you are a slave in the Roman Coliseum about to get eaten by a Lion. How you got in this predicament is not so important at this juncture because you need to save your hiny from the lion.
Since all roads lead into Rome it would make sense all roads lead out of Rome, if just for a moment you were to look away from the politics, Sports, Wars, Depressions that are put on by The Romans to keep you looking into the center of Rome for answers. There are no answers there. The answer is to turn around and leave.
Watch The Movie Inception to help get your bearings.
There are several governments within the "The Government" Aristotle explained how change within the firms of government so that the ancient laws would remain but not apply to anyone anymore.
Nothing new here it turns out. U.S. Government is currently the lowest level in the nightmare, Rome still sits at the top as the highest Dream level (I think, there could be more).

Juliusbragg blew up his U.S. citizenship and sunk the vessel. If you decide you want to do that he can help.
There is also title 18 from 1868 you can use.
There is also commercial redemption whereby you claim the vessel JOHN H. SMITH that your parents set up under the guise of old age benefits. It was in fact a different citizen ship.
I chose that route, riceowlex did too from the looks of his post yesterday (look it up)
Or you can go full tort claim like the Declaration of Independence and form your own internationally recognized Nation. You will want to get a couple dozen like minded people together to form your new Society. Choose wisely.
So which road out of Rome would you like to explore first?

The Oracle