Comment: First Make Yourself Invincible, Then Seek Battle

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First Make Yourself Invincible, Then Seek Battle

A competent general may know how to win but may not necessarily be able to...
Memorized Art of War about fifteen years ago.

I took the commercial redemption road out of the Empire. It still allows you to trade with them. Officially all Americans outside D.C. are The Enemy. See trading with the enemy act 1933.
So I can trade at the edge of the fleet of U.S. citizens without being "of" them. This is explained in The Bible in the instructions for how to get along with the Babylonians without becoming "of" them.
So you can claim your citizen ship (vessel) JOHN H.DOE and make it a privateer vessel. Then you are your own captain and can pirate the pirates so to speak, engage in commerce they call it.
Since you are The Sovran on the land and The Pirates come from the sea your Law is supreme on the Land and they will shrink away once you know who you are. See the post by riceowlex from yesterday on what happened when he entered a 500 million dollar bond into a STATE OF TEXAS court.
I would suggest you take a look at Winston Shrout's videos "You Own a Bond" and "Declaratory Judgement". These are standard commerce 101. Should open your eyes a bit. Won't do you any good unless you study up on all the material and know how to use it. The purpose of holding you hostage in the re-education camp for 13 years was to make sure you never learned anything, especially that you didn't read The Bible! Or God forbid learn any of the other foundations of Law and commerce.
So you have to start out facing the fact you know absolutely nothing about the real world because you were raised to be a slave. Sorry to be the one to break it to you.
Start with Winston's stuff and if you need more road signs feel free to contact me. I could give you the index to The Matrix but most people just loose it and sit down and cry, so I stopped with that for beginners. You have been lied to big time. Everything is a lie that you see in the world around you except the people. They are real, well, most of them!

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