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An absolutely perfect assessment...

Why else would we be using plastic "money" these days? One of the many comparisons we can draw between the U.S. and Rome, is the devaluation of its currency. Rome lost control of its empire and over spending, and it to would call in and reissue coins to get the attention of the people. The money went from solid gold/silver, to 90% gold/silver, and on down the line until the money was worthless.

Isn't it in "Where the Red Fern Grows", that the little boy sets racoon traps by finding a hole in the log, putting a shiny quarter in it, and then driving nails at an angle around the hole. Raccoons seemingly like shiny objects and will grab hold and not let go, and the nails keep them from getting their hands out.

Long story short..Americans love shiny things and "change". Most don't have a clue to this racket, just as in Rome. Keep them occupied and do what you wish with their wealth.