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A bit of advice ....

The critics have some very legitimate points.

You know this and Mr. Nystrom knows this.

Having said that ...

It is not even close.

You are a net postive for this site and again, you know this and Mr. Nystrom knows this.

My entire life has been devoted to the philosophy of working on my "weakest link" and realizing that all I need to do is make "baby steps".

If I ever come across a weak link that seems too daunting to me, I break it down and prioritize until I get to a weak link that I know I can conquer.

A vice is a tough nut to crack, so this is what I have done in the past.

I always knew that coffee and adult beverages brought the smoke crave.

So, I made it a goal to ween coffee from my diet.

I further broke down the adult beverage issue. I noticed that really it was the bar scene more than the beer. I started attending home parties, home BBQs, and church events. I still consumed my share, but the craving went down. Baby step!!!

Anytime I encounter failure, I break it down to smaller baby steps.

That is how I do everything in life.

My behavior here at DP should be evidence of the success of my philosphy.

Now get to work!!!!

God Bless.