Comment: Levin makes me more sick than Hannity, Medved or Rush....

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Levin makes me more sick than Hannity, Medved or Rush....

And I will tell you why.... Levin LOVES to talk like he is so educated and intellectual, when in fact, he cant stand having someone challange his arguments. Hannity loves any body with an R behind his name, so he is changing (along with the times) to start embracing Ron a bit more. Rush is the same way. Medved is a quintessential NeoCon, but I respect the HELL out of Medved for openly and intellectually taking opposing arguments. However, Levin will talk, talk and talk and if you EVER try to have a logical and philosophical argument that may challange his beliefs in the least, he will shut you up before you can make your point.

He also wont dare to debate someone like Tom Woods or even Ron Paul himself. Its very very easy to talk history and say someone is wrong when he (Levin in this case) is essentially talking to himself, but he would never dare have Ron Paul on who actually does understand history and challange Levin's supposed learned mind. What a joke. I love how Ron Paul LOVES to have real open debates with ANYBODY, but the biggest talking buttholes out there hate to be challanged with opposing views, because they are scared to be embarrased. Very sad though. It really ruined my mood. I was actually just starting to like Levin due to his embrace of Rand Paul.


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