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No you don't

You say: "As for his name-word, there is controversy there too, you may need another thread/page for that topic/subject."

I know 100% what His Name is and it doesn't require a whole new thread to prove it. And it is evident in the original King James or the Greek text itself. Later translations noticed the error that they made and have since covered it.

After the Hebrews left Egypt and wandered in the wilderness for 40 years Mosheh (Moses) wasn't allowed to lead them into the promised land so the job of leading them into the land was handed over to Yahshua the son of Nun. As a matter of fact Mosheh had earlier changed the mans name to Yahshua because the meaning of Hebrew names is very important and Yahshua means "Yahweh's Salvation". Yahshua (son of Nun) is mentioned twice in the New Testament and both times his name is translated as JESUS yet the name is exactly the same as the Messiah's. Acts 7:45, Heb 4:8 This proves that the Messiahs Name is Yahshua.

A few more facts: The name Jesus didn't appear until a few hundred years ago because the letter "J" wasn't used before then. In the 1611 King James it is spelled Iesus. Look it up.
But the name Iesus couldn't be the true name of the Messiah because the Greek always added the "s" to denote the masculine, supposedly in honor of Zeus.