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Yahshua or Jezus ?

thank you for your attention and explanations.
You said - "I know 100% - - - ".

The eastern churches and the area around his birthplace, copt, armenia, syria, iraq and many others call & write the name as "Yesu".
The western world and anglish speakers write "Jesus", say "Jezus", spanish sounds as "kHesus".
In this decade some folks & yourself assert "Yahshua".

We must care for the name called by his mother "_______",
Not translated, only transliterated, = same voice sound.

Then we will see if we can request & convince Tom Mullen to edit the title of page, type-in right/correct name.

This is because the Maseah, son of Maryum, is the only man in recorded history who specifically requested more than once - "My name - - - ". With an index of NT we can confirm it.
We must honor that,- right?

My comment above and the reply below was to assert / insist on the original-title "Maseah", instead of the translation "Christ".