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Comment: Time wasting and speculative post...

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Time wasting and speculative post...

Misleading title, but that is becoming common on DP.

Let's see:

Someone unnamed, asked Woods if he would debate Levin. Woods says he would, if Levin would... kind of a no-brainer idea?!

No one has any information really about Levin... except to say someone sent a request to Levin...

Anything left out here?

Meanwhile Gingrich, Palin, Huck, Beck, (possibly Napolitano) and the rest of the GOP warlords are planning to split the party with a third independent candidate in the general election, if Ron Paul seizes the imagination of the delegates, along with the nomination. It happened in 1912, 100 years ago, to usher in the Fed! It can and will happen 100 years later, if necessary to preserve the Fed again!

Is the grassroots ready for such an eventuality?

A strategy needs to be in place to blow the whistle on this possibility long before it takes place. It can be defeated before it happens!

'Distractions', is one of the methods Gingrich is using to keep the possibility alive!

Another is eliminating the Presidential primary in as many states as possible. This keeps a good candidate from exposure critical mass, prior to the general election, leaving only the delegates with enthusiasm... but the couch potato voters with very media pliable minds!

Money for Gingrich and the CFR will not be an issue!

Only brush fires for liberty set by the minority, can stop such evil! Those brush fires should be lit in every precinct across this country... somehow!