Comment: Levin's a propagandist gasbag

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Levin's a propagandist gasbag

And his argument falls on its face in absurdity. So in Levinville, its the "power of the purse" that is the ultimate authority? - When according to Levin, a President has the ultimate power to start a war because he is "Commander in Chief", so how about the ole "Catch 22"?? Say a President that has no respect for the Constitution or Humanity like Bush becomes president and starts a pair of wars - Now the congress is stuck with the proposition to leave our troops defenseless, with no bullets or bombs, (there's the old cliche "Support the Troops") by not giving funding, or to fund a war they don't support - Which would be Political Suicide)! So, the Cowards of congress avoid an official declaration and by fiat hand it over to the Corrupt and unelected George Bush. These Corporatists, Neocon "Israel Firsters" YES LEVIN I SAID IT! are a disgrace to America and its People.