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Comment: Debate Invitation

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Debate Invitation

The author's account is partially correct. I extended an invitation to both Mark and Tom, through their Facebook pages. I SUGGESTED it be held in a Southern California forum and "brainstormed" the idea about the Reagan Library. I did secure a large church theater (holds 1500) in San Diego were the debate to happen and a venue in Philadelphia (if that were more convenient for the participants). I would have attempted to secure the Reagan Library (I'm a member there)

Tom Woods accepted immediately and I was deleted from Mark Levin's Facebook page. That action led me to believe that Levin was declining.

I am affiliated with a Southern California tea party group and, while I would have loved to make it the "sponsor", the idea was completely spontaneous and "in the moment". Had Levin accepted, I would have pulled this off.

As an interesting side note, I have read, listen to, follow, and respect both gentlemen a lot. Levin treated Woods like a school boy and that annoyed me. In my opinion, Tom's most recent LRC blog post proves that Levin failed to cite any source which would support his position.

Brian Brady