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The Latin word "CHRISM," which is an anointing oil, is χριστός in the original Greek, or Christos in phonetic English. It is identical to the Hebrew noun המשיח which literally means Messiah--Redeemer, The Anointed One. In English, this is always translated as Christ. In the tradition of the ancient Hebrews, only One would come and fulfill Scripture by claiming that title--Jesus was that One Christ.

Tom, thank you for such a heart-felt blog entry. I was greatly blessed to see it posted here on DP. While Jesus Himself would never agree with His ministry being political or libertarian, certainly many who love Him, and many who know Him as Lord and Savior, are political libertarians. The two aren't mutually inclusive, but I was pleased to see your distinction between a "political Jesus" and a personal Jesus in quoting John 18:36. This post is very beautiful and well said.

But even the literal Jesus, who did not attempt to change government but came to change man himself, can help us as human beings see more clearly the need for autonomous freedom before the Creator God. His teachings of righteous forgiveness are exactly what we as individuals need to consider when faced with the myriad problems presented by the world we live in today. You have shown how well a spiritual Truth fits the political truths this site stands for, and I was particularly impressed by your treatment of the spiritual aspect of Jesus--anyone can use His teachings to spin a political or world-view, but you did not neglect the most important aspect of His Being: the confession of His Name, Jesus Christ, as Savior.

I would be greatly interested in reading your book!

Something you should take note of though, and something that has struck me as unsettling from the comments you have received from this blog post: You will be hearing a lot of confusion in the coming years regarding that Name, "Yeshua". The debate over names, of course, is an age-old one. I saw where one post stated that the Name "Jesus" is relatively new, and that the Greek rendering (just like the Hebrew) began with an "I". That is True! But, in respect to His Hebrew Name, there is a total lack of respect coming from many who like to comment. These are not Bible scholars.

In studying Hebrew, I have come to adore the Name of God, JEHOVAH (the Hebrew spelling is יהוה, IHVH.) Jesus was from the house of David, a Hebrew house ... Then why does He have a Greek name? I had wondered this from the beginning of my salvation in 2009 ... He must have had a Hebrew Name!

Well, He does have a Hebrew Name: Yeshua. It is the same Name the 144,000 will have written on their foreheads, as related by the Apostle John in Revelation 14:1, "Then I looked, and there before me was the Lamb standing on Mount Zion, and with Him 144,000 who had His name and His Father’s name written on their foreheads." (NIV) The Name Yeshua is actually the same Name as Jehovah with the Hebrew letter shin (ש) in the middle of it. While most translations of the New Testament into Hebrew will render this name ישוע, (which is a safe and phonetically identical rendering--"safe" much like "Adonai" is a safe rendering for Jehovah if you're Jewish,) the context of the proper spelling holds the literal key to what John said, "The Word was God." And yes, the meaning of that Name is literally "Jehovah Saves." The words of Jesus in John's gospel again assert the Truth, "I and the Father are One."

Be careful of what most of those who proclaim that Name are teaching. They aren't the 144,000 ... I have begun to wonder if they won't turn out to be just as crooked in the end as those who have proclaimed the name Jehovah in the past ... There is nothing new coming from Yeshua. Nothing new really under the sun. He is Jesus Christ. And He, like His Father, does not change, is eternal and was here from the beginning. Only what is written in the Bible is the literal Truth concerning Theology and Yeshua, Jesus Christ the Word.

Now, on the subject of politics ... well, let's just pray for Dr. Paul and his mournfully tiny group of like-minded politicians we have in Congress. May we all keep fighting the good fight.

Thanks again for this post!

Love in Jesus,