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Comment: Marx Levin aka "The Great Con"

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Marx Levin aka "The Great Con"

Mark Levin is no small government libertarian conservative. Mark Levin (aka “The Great Con”) is just another big government statist cloaking himself in pseudo constitutional clothing. Expose his misled Markist followers to the light of reason, Constitution and the benefits of a society based on the philosophy of liberty.

Mark Levin would never debate with anyone outside of his little call-in radio charade. If you have listened to him with anyone that calls him out, Levin simply resorts to interrupting, shouting over the caller, name-calling, threats to “slap them around” or some such, and simply hanging up. It is easy to expose the intellectual fallacies of the statists, so why resort to unintellectual childish antics. It matters not if he is correct on some issues, his childish antics are purely for ratings and entertainment value, but they do nothing to promote understanding the philosophy of liberty.

I would love to go one-on-one with Marx Levin on the Constitution or any issue; but despite his “tough” talk Mark Levin is a complete and total coward. Levin would never risk debating little old me, let alone an intellectual titan such as Thomas Woods. Levin will coward out of his bluff challenging Thomas Woods to a debate. A hypocritical coward as Mark Levin would never avail himself to an open debate where his fake antics and false “small government” positions would crumble, and expose him for the intellectual hypocritical fool that he is.

Perhaps Mark Levin resorts to the juvenile name-calling, shouting and hanging up as a Napoleonic complex means of compensating for having the physical stature of a bald dwarf combined with the voice of a whiny eight year old with a stuffed nose.

It is all a shame because Levin does have the potential for intellectual capacity. If Levin could become brave enough to apply intellect rather than resort to Jerry Springer show juvenile antics for ratings; and develop the courage to open his mind to seeking consistent and principled application of liberty and the role of government, Mark Levin has the capacity to be a great ally to liberty, or even a great leader. But alas, Mark Levin seems content choosing instead to remain a coward.

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