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You Have a Business Account

If you have a U.S. citizen ship, that is a vessel (corporation) within The United States merchant fleet. The name looks like this: JOHN Q. PUBLIC. That obviously isn't your name it is a corporate entity created by the social security application your parents gave to the big corporation U.S. Gov.
So The Local Fed Branch you are dealing with shouldn't deny you business services. You have a business.

Anyway just get the nickels any way you can. I got 3,000 in dollar coins yesterday but had to go to five federal reserve branches to collect that many. I am using the dollar coins instead of Fed notes. They are still money (republic substance) and not debt. If you use the fed notes which are only for corporations to use you are saying you are a corporation subject to the democracy's whims and not a man/woman with inalienable rights. The Republic Democracy divide is determined by which monetary system you use. It literally is that simple. So to preserve your Republic Rights use coins at all times possible. Trade all coins for an airline ticket (get your re ept marked paid in coin) and then go around TSA. If they give you any trouble take them to small claim court for violating your State Republic rights protections!

You can stay out of the "federal commerce jurisdiction" that way and also help weaken the Feds reach and power. There are actually two separate court systems depending on whether you use coins or the private fed notes. Small claim court is for amounts less than one DOLLAR, in other words real money in coin not fed notes. Only a human being can make a claim in small claim court. You can claim 50 million Dollars in coin there and it is still a small claim because the claim is for coins not (fed)DOLLARS.

Get the nickels at a dozen different fed branches (all banks are fed branches). I just get a couple rolls of nickels Quarters, dimes, and, pennies at each branch every week or two. I have fourteen branches within two miles of me so it is easy to rotate. I actually use the coins as money to exchange for gas, groceries, etc. So just give the quarter and dime rolls to the gas station attendant and toss the nickel and penny rolls in your personal stash hole. Also if you ask for the Dollar coins the banks will look the other way on asking for quarters, nickels, dimes and pennies at the same time. You see the banks have to have 2,000 in Dollar coins to send them back to the Nearest Federal Reserve center. They have to take the dollar coins out of the rolls and put 2,000 or more in a bag!

So the bank branch tellers hate the dollar coins. Five banks loved me when I took all their Dollar coins yesterday, all smiles, one other bank hated me because I gave them two hundred Dollar coins to "pay" "a bill". They actually asked me when I would be coming back for "my" Dollar coins! So ditch the Democracy fed notes and start using all Republic coins wherever possible. I just handed off a box of 1,000 in dollar coins to settle another account, so you can do it too. Use Republic Coins, stay out of dealing in Debt, stay out of The Democracy, down with democracy, down with the Fed! Long live the Republic, restore it by boycotting Fed notes, so simple. End the Fed by not using it. Demand coins and if your bank won't give you any money find a bank that will. It still is a free market economy if you demand it to be.

The Oracle